First Blog!

Hi all,

This is my first blog on the new christiancounsel site, and also my first using Windows Live Writer. Lets see how that goes!

I would like to start by sharing a bit of my heart. The last 15 years have seen me go full circle and then some – from a gawky teen who felt he was passionate about the Lord, to living my life away from God. Getting married, having kids, problems with pornography and even various stages of sexual immorality, back to simply living without God – though still struggling with internal feelings of guilt, remorse, self-justification, externalisation, feelings of worthlessness. Finally I, and my wife Bec, in a joint venture, decided that it was time that we steered our own lives and our family back to God, and back to an active commitment to Him.

Now I am sure that some people would argue that choosing to follow God is a personal decision – and I guess that ultimately it is (not starting any Wesley vs Calvin arguments this time!) – but making that personal decision does affect the family unit as a whole, so it was great that both Bec and I felt it was “time” (actually it was well over time) that we got our lives back on track. This does make a decision for the family. The kids are too young, and frankly due to our complacence were uneducated about anything to do with God. And so it began.

I guess its funny. Its one of those cases of “the hardest way is always the right way”. You lose the Sunday morning sleep in. You also lose the ability to turn a blind eye to the multitude of things that God begins to work on in your life. Funny, but in the end, the hardest way is actually even harder then you thought it would be to begin with. Its still the right way though!

Get involved with God! If you know how, then do so. If not, contact me, or your local church. In my opinion, the Salvo’s are a good place to start. In the end it doesn’t matter though – find a good, active, and friendly church. One where you can be comfortable with the people, but where you are left uncomfortable in the areas that God needs to work!

Cheers, and stay strong in Christ,


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One Response to First Blog!

  1. Great to see what God started to work in you and your wife’s life, I pray that this new chapter will be so blessed for you and your family so that you can always count on Jesus in your life.

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