Men of Honour, 2012 and the whole blog thing.

Well, 2011 has come and gone, together with its ups and downs. One of the really great things that happened was the formation of the Men of Honour group (click the image for Facebook group link), a Townsville based group of christian men, who realise that we are not perfect, but want to honour God in every way that we can.

Whats the plan? Well, this year we are kicking off with a pledge day – a day that we can actually sit down together, with our families and make a pledge – a pledge about raising children, about our marriages, and about living as God-fearing men. Stay tuned for that one.

I am also revitalising this blog. One of the big things that is a weak spot in my life is in my personal bible reading and study. It’s a bit sad that I am trying to live like a Christian, and yet fail to study the manual properly! So my new years resolution is to read and study the bible every day. This blog is part of my self motivation, as well as reading plans at, to not just read for the sake of reading, but also to study and share and discuss.

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