ChristianCounsel started life as a blog aimed at exploring my move back into the realm of active believers. I and my family had survived for several years on the outer – believing in God, but not having a personal and real-time relationship with Him.

Well, those days are long behind us. In 2008 my wife and I recommitted and rededicated our lives to God, and the service of his kingdom. Following that we spent several years with the Salvation Army, but have since moved into the more mainstream evangelical churches. We are currently studying theology at university, and have been learning a lot about things that we thought we knew!

So I am now relaunching this blog – aiming it to be a place to publish good online content I find and write: Bible studies, video’s, and other random thoughts, tackling issues found in the Bible, the greater Church, Theology, and current event issues.

I have a heart for a close and personal walk with God, men being men as God intended – after God’s own heart, and great marriages regardless of the history. This means that a lot of my content will be focussed on exactly that.

I pray that if you are searching, you find what you are looking for. Feel free to email me any questions, or post comments directly to the site.

Cheers, Joh.


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