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Men of Honour, 2012 and the whole blog thing.

Well, 2011 has come and gone, together with its ups and downs. One of the really great things that happened was the formation of the Men of Honour group (click the image for Facebook group link), a Townsville based group of christian … Continue reading

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Is there a god?

The existence of “a god” is something that I imagine that almost every human both alive and dead has thought about on occasion during their lifetime. Obviously if there is a “higher power” then that is amazing, and something that makes one want to look into the whole reason for living. If not, then we suffer a pretty lonely and pointless existence don’t we! In this post I aim to examine the reasons that I believe in the existence of a god, without looking at my beliefs in regards to the question of “are we worshipping the right God?” I personally don’t like to answer the argument about the existence of god with any quotes and references from the Bible, as I consider that to be largely circular logic, and so I will explain how I can believe in the existence of god without looking at the Bible.

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